Tuesday, September 07, 2010

VIDEO: Austrian thugs assault pro-life protesters in Vienna #prolife

And nobody is prosecuted for it.(VIDEO AT THE LINK)

Pro-life readers, please do not turn away from this story and do nothing.


Americans, you can use this email form for the embassy in Washington.

Canadians, you can email the Canadian ambassador, Werner Brandstetter.

This is the letter that I wrote:

Dear Sir

I am writing to express my concern regarding the harassment of pro-life protesters in front of the clinic of abortionist Christian Fiala.

The video evidence suggests that peaceful protesters are being assaulted and harmed for the simple act of reciting the rosary on a public street.


In spite of the documentation of repeated acts of violence, no prosecution is forthcoming. These protesters' right to free speech is being violated in fact and in law, yet nothing is being done. The treatment of this case suggests that Austria is not adamant in its defense of the right to voice one's opinion in the public square.

Need I remind you that free speech is a human right. It is a necessary element of a democratic society and it must be protected by the force of law. I demand that the individuals guilty of the offenses be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and that those who defend the right to life maybe allowed to freely pray in on a public sidewalk without harassment.

Write a letter, and now get at least ten more friends to write a letter.

The fight for life is an international one. How can pro-lifers just sit back when the basic right to free speech is being violated? We all have to jump in on this. Don't turn away and do nothing. Some day it just might be us!

If enough blogs and people comment on this, perhaps the news will make its way back to Austria.

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