Thursday, September 09, 2010

Warren Kinsella attempts slimy political tactic

Okay, I suppose the headline states the obvious but...

He attacks Rob Ford for being associated with Kathy Shaidle and Arnie Lemaire.

What about Warren Kinsella's association with terrorism apologists?

If that's the standard of politicking at Rocco Rossi's team, I'd be embarrassed. Kathy Shaidle and Arnie Lemaire are threats to society, but Elmasry is not, even as its head says all Israeli citizens are lawful targets for killing?

We all know how Warren Kinsella operates. He plays political hardball using morally dubious tactics to win election campaigns (like make fun of Stockwell Day's faith). He'll crap on anyone, make any kind of hypocritical statement just to win a vote, or advance his cause. And oh yeah, he threatens people with lawsuits, too.

He represents what people hate about politics. Scuzzy, slimy,and underhanded. And he's just so obvious about it. He has no shame. He thinks that just because he's a lawyer and has money that he can just push people around. I don't think he gets what an elitist he's being, even as he's supposed to be "progressive" and defending the little guy.

Kathy Shaidle and Arnie Lemaire are "the little guys". Warren Kinsella is not.

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