Thursday, October 07, 2010

Abortioneer attempts to describe abortion & feticide

But omits to mentions what happens to the fetus:

A second trimester abortion is known as a D&E, or a dilation and evacuation procedure, and it takes place over the course of two to three days--that's the dilation process. The evacuation part is only about 10 to 15 minutes. There's still no cutting involved--everything is removed through the cervix, and it's still a minimally-invasive and safe procedure. But since the fetus is more developed, the cervix needs to dilate more to accommodate the instruments and the removal.

You have to love this description of feticide:

If the woman is measuring later in the second trimester, the doctor might also inject Digoxin, a common heart medication, through her abdomen and into the uterus in order to stop the fetal heart.

Note how she omits to mention that the target is the fetus's heart.

She continues...

This usually happens on the first day of the procedure, after the laminaria is inserted. Because the cervix is opening overnight, there's a small risk for miscarriage, so this injection is a preventative and humane measure.

Yeah, let's take a great big needle and stick it in the baby's heart so that if the baby miscarries, we won't confront who we're actually trying to kill.

The doctor removes the laminaria if it was in place and then removes the fetus using suction and instruments similar to those that are used for a first trimester abortion.

I.E. there is an induction of labour.

But it's safe, it's do-able, and most importantly, it's completely necessary for the freedom and well-being of women

But lethal to the fetus.

These people consider themselves feminists and favour informed consent but do not provide details in plain English about the most controversial part. They can't even bring themselves to be blunt about the things that happen in the operation.

A procedure shrouded in such euphemism obviously could not survive public scrutiny.