Thursday, October 14, 2010

Abortioneer Wonders: Shouldn't the Clinics Give a Damn?

The unabashed naiveté of Anti-Anti is astounding.

In a recent chat with fellow Abortioneers, the question arose of whether it is possible to work in Abortion Land without being a feminist. About a Girl recently expressed her discontent at the diminishing sense of feminism in our clinics, superseded by a for-profit model that shifts the focus from the woman to the service-payment exchange.

Which is what pro-lifers have said for the last 40 years. AND YOU JUST NOTICED?

See this is the nice thing about insiders talking openly about abortion and abortion land. Lots of people think pro-lifers make stuff up when it comes to abortion. But the abortioneers come out and say what we've been saying. Thank you for making our point!

She continues:

I can't really begrudge that; you provide a service that people want, one that will never diminish in demand, and you've got a pretty steady stream of income. It's good business sense, not personal. Then again, it's not a dental office. It's an abortion clinic. Women go there to make some of the most important decisions of their lives. Shouldn't the clinics give a ***?

You mean they don't. You mean they prefer cash to the lives of women? Say it ain't so.

Here's the kicker:

I suppose, by default, if you are providing a service that advances women, you hold some feminist ideals.

ROFL. So being willing to stick a curette in a woman's uterus and suck out a fetus confirms your feminist leanings by default?

(But oppose abortion, even if you support every other feminist tenet, and you're a "fake feminist". LOL.)

Even if you are just a health care tycoon by day, the fact that you enter into the line of abortion fire confirms your feminist leanings

So let's see. Even if you're in the abortion business ONLY FOR THE CASH, and you cut corners, and you couldn't care less about the women's personal problems, that confirms your feminist leanings.

But on second thought, maybe she's right!