Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fr. Raymond Gravel in favour of legalizing euthanasia

Don't tell me you're shocked.

Campaign Life Quebec has the story.
(In French)

Fr. Gravel says "I am against legalizing euthanasia in general. It's not everyone who believes in God wants them to live until a natural death. I think those people have a right to decide about their death."

If that's not legalizing euthanasia "in general", I don't know what is.

Fr. Gravel does the same thing with abortion. He says "I'm against abortion, what're you all mad about?" But supports legal abortion. Which is to say he opposes legal protection for unborn children. Which is what the moral law requires.

When are the bishops going to do something about this priest? This is not okay. The Vatican or SOMEONE should tell him it's his job to preach the Catholic teachings of our Church.