Friday, December 03, 2010

From the archives: Russian abortionist says abortion is murder

I'm reposting items from the past-- doing the blog version of playing re-runs-- because I'm busy and I just want to make sure that the blog is always full. So I'm scheduling items in advance.

Unfortunately, the link to the original article no longer works. But I still have many of the juicy quotes. Such as:

These days, [Abortionist Marina] Chechneva is writing magazine articles about fetus development in hope of raising public opposition to abortion. After years of handling fetuses, she explains, she has come to feel a responsibility toward the unborn children.

"They should realize that what they're doing is already a murder," she said.

It kind of puts a whole new spin on the line "the only moral abortion is MY abortion."

Anti-choice abortionists. The least worst of the bunch.