Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here is where we juxtapose

Post today at The Abortioneers:

I wear a "Trust Women" button like the one worn by Dr. Tiller. I believe it with all my heart and it's the reason I go to work every day,

Post yesterday, regarding the 40 Days for Life the number of babies saved:

September 22 – October 31
Day 29 – 346 babies saved

More like 346 women harassed, accused, guilt-tripped. Oh wait, it's more like a billion women. Those 346 are just the ones who actually stopped to listen to you, who either didn't want to have abortions in the first place or who didn't know where to turn for real information and advice and fell victim to your lies and injustice.

So Trust Women...until they talk to pro-lifers, but then don't trust them any more because their judgement can't be trusted.

And I love how she seems to think she knows the emotions and ideas of the women whose babies were saved.

Did any of them express feeling harassed, accused or guilt-tripped?

And the question also comes down to: were they happy with their decision?

Is that what should ultimately matter to feminists?

Well no. Because the only good happy decision is one that is taken by consulting the feminist line.

And she says some women "didn't want abortions in the first place." How does she know? And if they are on the way to the clinic and didn't want abortions, what would they have done to stop them
I think more women whose babies were saved because of 40 Days should come forward. Of course, given that they would contradict the feminist line, they would probably be dismissed, just like women who regret their abortion are routinely dismissed. But at least the public would know.