Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More time added to Vancouver Bubble Zone Trial

Received by email:


More time added to Vancouver Bubble Zone Trial and abortion clinic security logs called as evidence.

The trial of Don Spratt and Cecilia (Sissy) von Dehn, charged with breeching the Access to Abortion Services Act in June 2009, is set to continue March 16th 2011. Both were arrested in the unmarked "bubble-zone" of Vancouver abortion site, Everywoman's Health Centre Society wearing signage informing passersby of the zone and had copies of the Act as handouts.

The four days set aside in BC Provincial Court, Oct 4-7 2010 before Judge Jeanne E. Watchuck proved to be insufficient time. Lawyers Mr Ron McDonald of Lethbridge Alberta, acting for Donald Spratt and Mr Douglas Christie of Victoria BC, acting for Cecilia von Dehn, cross-examined the four arresting officers and a witness for the Crown Mr John Hetherington who was in the zone and video-taping. He was arrested at the same time but released soon after.

Both Spratt and von Dehn were held in jail overnight and released the following day. The last witness cross-examined on Oct 4th 2010 was Ms J Foley, Executive Director of Everywoman's Health Centre Society. She was directed by Crown to return to the stand in March 2011. More witnesses are likely to be called before final arguments can be presented.

Cecilia von Dehn had earlier in 2008 and 2009 been in the same zone with the same signage identifying the "bubble zone" and passing out the related Access to Abortion Services Act legislation to the public. On each occasion Vancouver Police attended and assured her that there was no breech of the Act by informing the public of the legislation. The security log of Everywoman's Health Centre confirming the earlier occasions, was retrieved by Ms Foley and entered as an exhibit along with the related VPD Incident Reports.

For more details and information regarding this development please contact Sissy von Dehn at 604-224-0435