Friday, October 08, 2010

Praying silently and looking is....HARASSMENT

Julie Culshaw at Concerned for Life quotes a journalist published in an offline newspaper Dalhousie Gazette, an offline newspaper at the University:

This month, men and women will be standing outside of the Victoria General Hospital, where the majority of therapeutic abortions in Nova Scotia are performed, to mount an event called “40 Days for Life.” Their event of prayer and anti-choice mobilising is comprised mostly of protesters staring and praying silently in the direction of the hospital. The silent eyes of these protesters watch each individual as they pass by, ripping people of any sense of comfort, dignity or privacy, whether they are entering the hospital for a brain scan or a new cast for their wrist...

Now....did this journalist bother to ASK anyone what they thought of the protesters?

Or is she just projecting her feelings?

I love her next line:

As journalists who notice anti-choice action on campus, our task within the upcoming months will be to record what happens, fairly and objectively.

LOL. Yeah, so fair and objective.

It will be our job to let no harassment— be it verbal, physical, or visual—go unseen or unchallenged by a fair and accurate press.

It would also help if she started by getting the definition of "harassment" correct. Looking at people is not "harassment".