Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Study: Women Who Use Abortion Drug Experience More Pain, Emotional Distress

( The women who used the abortion drug reported more pain and more vaginal bleeding and, two weeks after the abortion, they were much more likely to report "intrusive" psychological symptoms ranging from unwanted thoughts to nightmares of killing their unborn child.

The authors of the study acknowledged its limitations, according to a Reuters report, saying they had a hard time finding women willing to be randomly assigned the abortion drug or having the surgical abortion procedure. And only 60 percent of women returned the follow-up questionnaire.

"The results therefore need confirming in a much larger study before the real clinical impact can be determined," Kelly told Reuters Health in an email.

Still, the results show some interesting information -- such as how 37 percent of women taking the abortion drug said they experienced much heavier bleeding than their menstrual period.

Kelly said the research shows the abortion drug should not "replace" the surgical abortion procedure and she noted the study found women who were later in pregnancy were less interested in the abortion drug than those earlier in pregnancy.

The Abortion drug is the "fast food" version of abortion.

Fast food for the abortion provider. If you can call him (or her) that.

The woman comes in. Gets a shot or perhaps takes a first pill. Then goes home with the other tablet she has to take.

What could be easier for the practitioner?

Sure, 15-20% of women have to come back for another dose or a suction curettage. But hey--it's all covered by lower labour costs and overhead. It's a goldmine.

If only women would buy into it.

The patient then goes home and has a miscarriage. Oh what fun. Now I've had a miscarriage, and if you have one early, it might not be so bad. Relatively speaking. I had one at about 3 weeks. It was like a heavy period. I saw no tissue. It was as if my period had been late.

But at 5, 6 7 weeks, we're not talking about a "bad period" any more. We're talking about virtual labour. You're going to see tissue. It's gonna be disgusting.

The practitioner doesn't have to deal with any of this. The woman is on her own to deal with her own crap-- in all its physical and metaphorical manifestations.

I think the pharmaceutical industry and the abortion rights people are going to keep pushing this chemical abortion business. Because it's a business. And it has low overhead. You don't need a surgeon to do them. Instead of getting a doctor with ten years of university education perform them, you can get a nurse with a four-year college degree. And so the price goes down concurrently. It's a brilliant business model.

If women will buy into it.

Now I know that feminists will say "No! Women should have the choice between the 'medical' and surgical versions."

But the vast majority of feminists are ignorant of abortion as a business. They don't see it in terms of supply and demand. They think guys who do abortions for profit are heroes. Until he gets caught killing a woman. And even then some will continue to defend them. It's all about "autonomy".

As far as I know, chemical abortions are not covered in Canada (which might explain their relative rarity). But once they are, look out. I can see the abortion people promoting them.