Saturday, October 16, 2010

Top reasons for unfriending people on facebook


* Unimportant posts

* Posting about polarizing topics like religion and politics

* Crude/racist comments

* 57 percent of those surveyed unfriended for online reasons, while 26.9 percent did so for offline behavior.


I actually look for people who WANT to post about religion and politcis-- those that I agree with. Even I get the odd Protestant or slightly liberal post, I don't mind that much.

I actually prefer that to boring posts. Although I can appreciate "slice of life" posts.

I also think that allowing people to post Farmville junk to their status line (and similar things) is a mistake.

My big beef with facebook is when a complete stranger tries to friend me and they do it based on the fact we have 100 friends in common, and they leave me no information in their profile as to WHY I might want them as a friend, and they don't bother to send a message introducing themselves. They assume I'd click "yes" based on that association, but I don't know WHY we have the same friends-- maybe some people just aren't that picky about their friends.