Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Unintentionall Funny Abortion Gang Post

Remember yesterday when I blogged about how feminists manipulate language and attribute definitions words used by pro-lifers speakers that the latter never intended?

Here's another beautiful example.

KushieIsMoon asserts most solemnly and definitively that anti-choicers live outside reality. Because they say that abortion is murder.

And that has no basis in reality.

None whatsoever. NOT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE.

It's a total lie.

And how does she prove it's a lie?


She links to a legal definition of murder.

See? See?

Since a fetus is not person, so it can't be murder. THEREFORE pro-lifers have no basis in reality.

And I guess when slaves were killed before Emancipation, that wasn't murder, either, huh? When they called killing blacks "murder", they were lying, too?

Doesn't KushieIsMoon think that pro-lifers KNOW THAT, i.e. that abortion does not constitute a murder for the legal system?

After all, isn't that what pro-lifers are fighting against?

The irony of saying we're the ones who do not live in reality!

The word "murder" has more than one definition. The word murder can also mean the unjustified killing of human life, and that's how most people use it, regardless of the legalities of the word.

But abortion supporters want to get away from that stigma. They can't deny that abortion take a human life. So they have to twist words to make them mean something compeletely different than what normal people would havet hem mean.

Kushie also says:

There are other anti-choice beliefs which obviously have no place in the real world- like the idea that all pro-choice women hate babies,

Well abortion rights supporters are no lovers of fetuses. In fact, they try to disparage support for fetal rights by calling pro-lifers fetus fetishists.

I don't know of any greater hatred than denying another human being the non-negotiable right to exist.

Now, she veers into a post about IgnoreRoe, a movement to get elected officials to ignore Roe v. Wade on the basis of interposition.

I'm not a Constitutional expert, so I don't know if that would work.

But Kushie is upset that they're pushing this view.

How can anti-choicers be convinced to live in reality, and to accept reality?

I am all about reality.

Unfortunately, it appears that it is abortions rights supporters who flee reality and always have.

They have always fled the reality that abortion takes a human life. And if some of them do accept that abortion takes a human life, they think taking innocent human life is okay. They do not believe that the right to life of every innocent human being is non-negotiable.

I'm not making this up. Any honest feminist will own up to this.