Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vote for Megan Crowe for Catholic School Trustee in Zone 10

I heard some good things about Megan through the grapevine, and I understand from a commenter at SoCon or Bust that she was the only candidate to answer the questionnaires from Campaign Life Coalition and Concerned Catholic Parents of Ottawa.

Zone 10 includes

Ward 12 – Rideau-Vanier
Ward 13 – Rideau-Rockcliffe
Ward 14 – Somerset.

I hope those of you living in these areas can vote for her!

Please pass it on.


I just got off the phone with Campaign Life Ottawa. Campaign Life's head office did not change the website yet indicating Megan Crowe's answers.

But the Ottawa office said that she had answered all the answers positively.

I notice that the incumbent Thérèse Maloney-Cousineau also answered the questions positively.

I heard that she got a phone call from a solid pro-lifer who asked her about her views and her response was "I'm a practicing Catholic."

That's not good enough for me or most active pro-lifers.

However, Megan Crowe is a university student. I've seen her talked up on facebook by pro-lifers from U of O.

I trust the under 30 crowd more when it comes to such things.

I don't just want a candidate who answers the questionnaires correctly. I want a kindred spirit. Megan Crowe sounds like more of a kindred spirit.

If you have any more info, you can leave it in the comments (make sure you wait for the webpage to load completely.)