Tuesday, November 02, 2010

40 Days: two consecutive abortion days cancelled in Sudbury

Woohoo! The Lord is hearing our cry. Received by email this note from Sudbury, ON:

As our 40 Days ended we received word that the hospital at which we had been holding our prayer vigil had not performed any abortions for the last two Fridays. It was local practice to perform Scheduled abortions each Friday. We were told by an insider at the hospital that those abortions that had been scheduled had been cancelled by those who had applied for the procedure. We had been praying during the 40 DAYS that the Holy Spirit would intervene with our brothers and sisters in Christ and move those who facilitate or pursue the ending of life before God's intended time would comply with God's will. It would appear that The Holy Spirit has heard us. We have offered a prayer of thanksgiving.

God Bless
Kevin M.

40 Days
for Life Coordinator
Sudbury Ontario Canada

Could this be the end of abortion in Sudbury...?