Monday, November 08, 2010

The emergence of the pro-life movement in Europe

Jill Stanek has the story.

Things really have been revving up in Europe.

We have it easy in North America, as far as free speech goes. I watch what goes on in France and the counter-protesters are often very violent. I've seen counter-protesters pelt eggs and bottles while pro-lifer vigilers were praying ON CHURCH PROPERTY. I don't even know if they head down to the abortion clinic. The pro-lifers sometime have rosaries in the public square, perhaps for greater visibility.

I dream that one day we will have a pro-life Day of Action, where pro-lifers from numerous cities around the world demonstrate in the name of the right to life. It would be such big news the media would have to report it, because no doubt the counter-protesters would come and commit acts of violence against us.