Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Feminist admits abortion "f***ed her up"

But still mad at people who show the truth about abortion...

Yes it was my (our) own fault. Yes, I berated myself for the consequences of my laxness for an innocent ball of cells. Yes, it was emotionally excruciating and I wouldn’t forgive myself if it happened again. I could never have another abortion.

I was 29 when I had mine. I knew friends who’d had them and who I could talk to. But it still fucked me up. I still found it an incredibly hard decision to make. I still cried and cried. I still worried I was being selfish and a terrible person. I still tortured myself looking at pregnancy websites and working out likely due dates, star signs and considering names.

... We don’t need sanctimonious pricks giving us a guilt trip and making us feel more terrible than we already do. We need to be able to say, you know what, I had an abortion, lots of people have. We’re allowed. Stop sticking your bloody noses in and trying to make us feel shit about it. I refuse to feel ashamed.

Notice how she puts the blame on the people who show the reality.

And not on the reality itself.

It wasn't the abortion protesters who made her cry or who make her think about her unborn child.

They weren't there when she made the decision to get rid of her "ball of cells" as she so kindly refers to her offspring.

If abortion is not immoral, then there's no reason to feel bad about it. I've seen dead animal carcasses. I readily eat meat. Because I don't feel I've done anything wrong by eating a dead animal.

People feel bad when they see the truth about abortion because they already suspect they've done something wrong, and those pictures confirm the truth.

Otherwise, why are you crying? If there's no validity to what is being said, then there would be no impulse to cry.

The fact of the matter is: truth is more important that feelings.

It is an unfortunate fallout of activism that you always make people who do what you oppose feel bad. You support the Iraq war, hunting, meat eating, scientific research on animals? You support murder. You hate homosexual behaviour? You're a homophobe. You drive an SUV? You're killing the planet. And so forth.

Lefties never seem to give a thought about how their opposition feels. (Consider how they are wont to insult those they disagree with.)

But when people feel bad at seeing the truth, well, now, those big mean pro-lifers are to blame.

As if people don't, to a large degree, choose their own reactions.

The reality is that abortion kills a human being. And those abortion pictures show it. When society admits to this truth, the pictures will no longer be necessary.