Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Front-yard Virgin Mary to come down

Remington Park resident Fadia Ibrahim has until Nov. 19 to remove the shrine after a city inspector called in by her neighbour George Kotevski, said it violated city regulations.

Kotevski, who lives next door, said his neighbourhood was becoming a circus, with daily prayer service on Ibrahim's property sometimes attracting dozens of visitors.

So did she tee off an Atheist or a leftist Christian? One wonders.

So is the problem the statue or the people walking all over the place?

There are laws against trespassing. There are laws against parking in front of the driveway.

Why can't this lady have her statue in front of her house?


Hundreds flock to Windsor to see weeping Virgin Mary statue

I'm not really keen on crying statues. If you're going to believe in miracles, believe in something REALLY miraculous. That can't be faked.

About the by-laws:


He said there are two issues affecting the statue. First, the structure isn't in compliance with the zoning bylaw because it encroaches onto the required front yard. There must be a six-metre setback from the property line. Second, the owner never got a building permit and inspection to make sure it complies with the building code.