Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to lie with the truth

Today, the Toronto Star had an article about new abortion providers.

Of course, the issue of fetal rights was completely pushed aside.

Regarding early abortion, the journalist writes:

Physicians examining the tissue from an early pregnancy likely see a pinkish oblong sac with no recognizable anatomical features.

It is true that when the "products of conception" are pulled from the cannister in which they were vacuumed, it looks like a great big amorphous glob.

But you have to open that glob to piece together the fetus to make sure it's all there.

By volume, there is more placenta and other tissue than fetus, and this is what reassures people involved in abortions. The size of the unborn gives lie to the triviality of its existence.

No organization in Canada keeps count of physicians who perform abortions. But in interviews with more than two dozen providers, physician groups and advocacy organizations, the Star learned that there is a shortage of abortion doctors in this country.

Wasn't the proliferation and promotion of contraception supposed to stop all that?

Or did it all make it seem more necessary.