Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pro-abort group listed as movement on Quebec Diocesan Website

And we wonder why the Quebec Church is so silent in the fact of abortion!

The Diocese of Mont-Laurier lists among diocesan movemtns L'Afeas-- a woman's group, which is really a feminist group that has long abandoned any tie to Catholicism.

What does L'AFEAS have to say about abortion?

In the wake of the controversy created by Cardinal Ouellet's condemnation, the Afeas Blog said that it was thrilled by all the negative reaction he had received for his statements and that women had worked for decades for decent abortion services, and there's no going back.

This group is listed as an acceptable "movement" for a diocese.

Oh, and the bishop will turn 75 next year. Lord Jesus, please direct Cardinal Ouellet to send a truly pro-life bishop down that way!