Friday, November 26, 2010

Poor-choicer: women really do honour the fetuses they're about to abort

That's some honour.

And there's lots of other non-sense:

Does Saletan not get it that heterosexual women spend almost 30 years of their life trying to avoid unintended pregnancies? The fact that only 1/3 of them will have an abortion speaks to the enormous success of women’s contraceptive use.

That just says everything about how well our contraception culture is working for us...

As a society, we don’t judge diabetics who sometimes miss medications, or vehicle owners who sometimes run late and get the occasional parking ticket.

Like getting a parking ticket is as much of a life-changer as getting pregnant...

It is unrealistic and unfair to demand that women do something right every day of their life for 30 years.

Exactly. Which is why CONTRACEPTION DOES NOT WORK as a solution to the social problem of abortion...