Thursday, November 04, 2010

A reminder to American pro-life voters

Joe Scheidler comments on the recent MASSIVE pro-life gains during Tuesday's election:

61 Democrat losses in the House, not to mention Republican gains in the Senate and a number of new Republican governors, as well as some legislative gains in many states, bodes well for the pro-life cause. But pro-lifers are familiar enough with politicians to know that these victories give us no reason to relax our efforts to stop abortion through the activities that have been effective so far.

Many politicians are strong enough on the social issues, especially abortion, but often are embarrassed even to bring it up. Many of them will use pro-lifers to help them get elected, then drop our issue like a hot potato, finding it easier to give their attention to economic problems rather than social issues.


But let’s not start the celebration yet. Let’s wait and see.

My American friends: please keep your politicians' feet to the fire. This does not only affect your country. The world depends on your efforts to advance the pro-life cause globally.