Saturday, December 04, 2010

Abortion Ganger: Pro-lifers "invented" problem of women killing fetuses

As if being killed is not a problem for the fetus.

Proving once again that feminists think: if a fetus has to suffer and die in the name of women's empowerment, oh well!

Never mind that condemnation of killing the unborn has been universal in the West. I know people will say that "quickening" was the cutting off point between legal and illegal abortion. As Joseph Dellpenna points out in his book "Dispeling the Myths of Abortion History" this was not universally true, and the impetus against abortion was even stronger once it was discovered that life begins at conception.

Pro-abortion historians have made stuff up about the history of abortion. It was never common, legal or accepted in English-speaking countries. It was pro-abortionists who sowed the problem of abortion.