Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pro-Life Art: Rainbow Angel

This an image of bronze sculpture by British artist Marc Quinn. It is titled "Rainbow Angel."

I found this picture in a French book about the pre-born (see bottom for reference.)

According to the book, the sculpture is a bronzed model of a skeleton of a 22-week fetus. He is represented as praying in Winchester Cathedral. It is supposed to represent an anti-abortion viewpoint.

I googled the artist's name and found another one of his sculptures that I love. It's called "Planet". I would love to have this in a local park in Ottawa. Isn't it gorgeous?

Demarre, Alicia, "Foetus et art contemporain", p. 192 dans Avant la Naissance: 5000 ans d'images. Ed: Jean-Louis Fischer, et al. Éditions de Conti, 2009.