Thursday, December 09, 2010

Romanian woman's incredible story of her miracle baby #prolife

Doctors were sure her child would not survive. And they pressured her to get an abortion.


On August 10, at only 26 weeks and four days, Irina went into labor. Her doctor had arranged for her to deliver at a hospital known for its advanced technology and highly trained medical staff. The hospital had prepared carefully for her special case.

The labor was moving so swiftly her doctor didn't have time to send her in an ambulance, so he put her in his own car. On the way, he called the hospital to let them know Irina was coming to give birth. He was shocked when they told him not to bring her, since the premature babies ward was still under repairs and renovation.

Frantically the doctor changed routes to a different hospital, where Irina safely gave birth to a boy.

The new doctor realized the baby had been living in the womb with very little amniotic fluid. She suddenly became angry with Irina.

"There is no chance for him to survive even 24 hours," Irina said the woman told her. "You have to forget about this child."

She gave a long list of health problems the child would suffer if Irina allowed the newborn to live. She pointed to the boy's left leg and said that there were no ligaments from his heel to his knee; he would never be able to bend his leg.

"I said, 'Don't you believe in miracles?' She got crazy when she heard about God. The child survived, and after a month, this doctor was forced to admit at the end that our baby was the subject of a series of miracles."

Read the whole thing. So many twists and turns.