Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Student vilified by homosexuals, seeks legal help

Sixteen-year-old Daniel Glowacki has retained the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) for help concerning an October 20 incident at Howell High School, when he came to the defense of another student who was told by his economics teacher, Jay McDowell, to remove a Confederate flag belt buckle. (See earlier story)

TMLC attorney Robert Muise tells OneNewsNow the teacher was wearing a T-shirt to highlight the alleged "bullying" of homosexuals, so Glowacki exposed his hypocrisy.

"Then the teacher said, 'Don't you accept the homosexual lifestyle?' And Daniel said, 'No, I'm a Catholic; I don't.' And the teacher got very angry at him; he ordered him out of the classroom," Muise reports. "He was shouting at him, [making] comments to the effect that...'if you're a Catholic, you ought to be in a Catholic school and not this public school.'

If that were my son, I'd be proud of him.

Muise says homosexual activists across the country are hailing the teacher, who was suspended for two days, as a hero, but they are vilifying Glowacki and his family, describing them as "bigots" and referring to the studen'ts religious objection to the homosexual agenda as "hate speech."

Objecting to behaviour will never amount to objecting to the person. Never has, never will.

Catholics will never be silenced. Deal with it people.