Friday, December 24, 2010

VIDEO: Hospital/Orphanage in Bethlehem takes care of abandoned babies (French)

This is a report done by France's TF1.

It's about a maternity hospital in Bethlehem where on average one baby is abandoned every week. Unmarried Palestinian women go there to "cut short" their pregnancy. The suggestion is that they somehow induce labour in themselves. I don't think the hospital, run by a Catholic order, would be the ones inducing labour.

The orphanage on the same complex then takes care of the orphans.

Look at the faces of those kids. Feminists say that mothers should have had a choice to kill those children in the womb.

They would prefer that these children end up as dead fetuses (if their mothers so chose) than remain alive.

But hey, as long as women's autonomy is upheld, right? That's all that matters.

Note that the report ends at about the 2:55 mark-- the rest is of no interest.