Sunday, January 23, 2011

Abortioneer in denial about abortion hurting women

Mr. Banana Grabber at The Abortioneer blog stumbled upon a pro-life protest yesterday. In the crowd, he noticed women holding signs saying:


He writes:

I was struck by how much the rhetoric has changed over the years. Immediately post-Roe, women who had abortions were demonized as "sluts." They were attacking the women themselves. When they realized this type of demonization would never work and ended making themselves look unstable, they began to reframe the debate.

Or maybe they don't call these post-abortive women "sluts" because many of them were the "sluts" who had the abortions.

He thinks deep down that we all treat women who seek abortions as recklessly promiscuous.

Honestly, I don't know anyone who assumes that about women who want an abortion. But whatever.

They have done a pretty amazing job. Women are now the victims of abortion. Abortion is a big mean monster out to hurt them. They are no longer blaming women, and instead making a very emotionally evocative statements, however untrue they may be.

Again, maybe they are not into condeming women because many of them were the women who had abortions, and they were pressured into one, and felt like they had no choice but abortion.

And had there been a Crisis Pregnancy Centre in their lives to dissuade them of their choice, maybe they wouldn't have undergone the trauma.

But is he listening to the voices of millions of women? Of course not:

Abortion does NOT hurt women.

Sure, bud, all the women holding up the "I regret my abortion" signs are LYING to you.

Or maybe you deny their truth because you can't handle the truth. How feminist.

Women don't regret abortion. The greatest indicator of a woman's mental health post-abortion is her health pre-abortion. Either way, relief is the most commonly reported emotion post-abortion

Isn't this rich? A "feminist" man patronizingly telling these women that they don't REALLY regret their abortion. He also implies that if they were mentally disturbed by their abortion, they were mentally disturbed to begin with. And that the feelings of relief one experiences could never dissipate into regret and depression.

Feminism: it's all about women's experiences. NOT.