Wednesday, January 12, 2011

God: A dictator?

From 'Od's Blog:

When Christopher Hitchens stood up in front of that audience in Toronto, and complained that God was a “kind of celestial dictator like Kim Jong-Il,” he was automatically disproving his point. If Christopher Hitchens stood up in front of a public audience in a real dictatorship, like North Korea, and complained about that dictatorship, do you think he would even have been permitted to finish his speech? Do you think you would ever see it on YouTube? And God is all-powerful. But what, exactly, did you see happen to Hitchens? Exactly nothing.

God will never violate our free will. This is the opposite of a dictator; dictatorship is all about violating free will. And religion, unlike the state, never compels anyone to do anything. A human dictator is a being who has no legitimate claim to power, but exercises power in almost all possible circumstances. God is a being who has every legitimate claim to all power, but almost never exercises it. God is the absolute opposite of the human dictator.