Saturday, January 15, 2011

Increasing number of Japanese turned off by sex says Ministry of Health survey

Agence France-Press reports that a Japanese Ministry of Health shows that increasing numbers of Japanese youth are turned off by sex.

36% of boys and 59% of girls aged 16-19 are either not interested by sex or are turned off by it.

Two years ago, the percentages were 17,5% et 46,9% respectively.

In women aged 25-29, one third claimed they had no sexual desire.

Among couples, 41% claimed they had no sexual relations in the preceding month. 21% said it was due to the birth of a child and therefore they "had no reason." Another 21% said they had no desire. 16% said because they were tired, or that they had other more interesting things to do.

I suspect the men are getting it elsewhere. Pornography is widespread in Japan.

I'm less concerned about the effects on the birth rate than the effects on the soul. If this disinterest in sex were the result of a healthy chastity, I'd be very happy. But I suspect that the culture is so sexually saturated, sexual intimacy is not even interesting any more. This cannot be good for their emotional well-being. How dead in the soul do you have to be to have no yearning for someone in your life to be close to?

This is the other side of the coin of perversion.