Wednesday, January 26, 2011

IUD: The Pro-Aborts' Panacea?

I read quite a bit of the medical literature related to life issues.

Pro-aborts are now seeing that throwing condoms at the problem of teen pregnancy/abortion is not a solution.

So they've been pushing IUD quite a lot. In every study on the topic of contraception and abortion, the conclusions read like a refrain: women need reversible but "reliable" contraception, i.e. IUD.

In light of this, this abstract about the side effects of IUD's is very interesting.

It was a three-year study, and the mean duration of use was 331.3 days.

Less than a year. That's a resounding endorsement.

So what were some side effects:

Nine per cent got an infection. So 1 in 11 users got an infection from the procedure. Way to jump start your sex life!

Twenty-eight per cent had pain. Another ringing endorsement.

In nine per cent of the cases, the partner felt the strings. Bleccch!

Thirty per cent experienced bleeding. Like your period is not enough.

Only twenty-five per cent of those who got the IUD removed claimed side effects as a reason. Which suggests to me that there probably a lot of women "putting up" with it because it's a "reliable form of contraception."

Three per cent got their IUD's removed because of "expulsion". Blecch again.

Two per cent claimed pregnancy was a cause, and those were in the group with the copper implant.

So what do you suppose happens when these women stop using the IUD after 331 days because they can't stand the pain, the bleeding and the partner feeling the strings (oh that's so sexy)? They will use condoms. Or maybe the pill. Unreliably.

Leading to more pregnancies.

Leading to more abortions.

Contraception, on a collective scale, cannot be the solution to teen pregnancy and abortion.