Sunday, January 30, 2011

No oversight for Delaware abortion clinics

Yet Delaware regulators cannot say if Atlantic Women's Medical Center — where Gosnell worked one day a week for a number of years — suffers from similar health and safety deficiencies because abortion providers are not subject to the kind of routine sanitary and safety inspections that restaurants, beauty salons and tattoo parlors get.


Abortion-rights advocates say providers should not be singled out for different oversight.

"If there's a concern about physician quality, it should be a larger conversation not just targeting health care clinics that provide abortions," said Emily Knearl, spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of Delaware, which performs abortions in Wilmington and Dover.

Gee, you'd think abortion clinics would get at least the same level of regulation as tatoo parlours.

I did some research with regards to Ontario abortion clinics.

They are inspected by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

They are treated as "independent health facilities."

It makes you wonder whether this body would give abortion clinics a pass given the political nature of abortion and the perceived need for providers.

My regret is that I don't think anyone is doing any research on what's going on inside Canada's abortion clinics. We don't know if there's another Gosnell lurking around somewhere.

After all, nominally, we don't have a lot of abortionists who will do elective late-term abortions. We send our elective late-term abortion cases to the States (medical ones are done in hospitals).

The theory is that if women do not have access to abortion, they will do all kinds of desperate things to end a pregnancy.

If this is true, then theoretically, there should be Kermit Gosnells in Canada.

But nobody knows the truth.

Pro-aborts won't discover the truth for fear of making abortion look bad.

Pro-lifers just haven't done the research as far as I know.

We should, folks.

We don't know what kind of creeps are working in Canada's abortion clinics.