Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On the Necessity of Mass

Why the Mass is a Must:
Most rationalizations about skipping Mass on Sunday – it’s boring, I get nothing out of it, I don’t feel like it, I can just pray to God on my own, I don’t like the priest or the music or the people or something else – all revolve around a single axis: me.


We’ve heard it often, but it bears repeating: The cross is the heart of Christian existence, and it follows that so is the Mass, the re-lived sacrifice of the cross. We cannot be saved without the cross, and therefore we cannot be saved without the infinite graces of the Eucharist. We cannot be Christian without accepting the reality of the cross, and therefore we cannot be Christian without the sacrament that makes the cross real to us.

To return to our initial argument: By rejecting the Mass you make yourself your own savior. But you cannot save yourself; try as you may, no matter what you do or what prayers you say. Without the cross and the Mass, you stand alone, empty and aimless, with no chance or hope beyond the drudgeries of the current moment