Saturday, January 22, 2011

Parsing "pro-choice" langugage

Joe Campbell:

When I learned that pro-choicers are against sex-selective abortion, I was really puzzled. I always thought ‘pro’ meant ‘for’. I never imagined ‘pro’ could mean ‘against’.

It’s not that they’re against aborting daughters. Rather they’re against using abortion to discriminate against daughters. The distinction, when explained to me, seemed like a novel approach to morality.

Even in a just war, moralists condemn indiscriminate killing. In abortion, pro-choicers condone it. Discriminate killing is what they condemn. Apparently, discrimination is worse then killing.

But not always. Although they reject prenatal discrimination on the basis of sex, pro-choicers accept it on the basis of disability. So if you discover that your unborn daughter is disabled, you can go ahead and kill her. Just make sure you do it because of her disability, not her sex. I’m sure she’ll understand.