Friday, January 07, 2011

A Quick Follow-Up on the Story of the Rise of Abortion/Contraception in Spain

A little while back, I broke the story about the study that showed that a rise in contraception use in Spain was accompanied by a rise in abortion rates.

It was nice seeing the news that I broke posted in quite a few different places. Thank you Jill Stanek!

I just read another article clipping that can be considered something of a follow-up to that story:

Abortions in Spain fell for the first time in a decade in 2009

A superficial reading might lead one to suspect that the simultaneous increase abortion and contraception use was just a fluke, until you get to this little important detail:

The Minister of Health Leire Pajín attributed the fall to the decision to allow pharmacies to dispense the emergency contraceptive pill

I don't have access to the BMJ. Perhaps someone among my readership does and might want to add salient details.