Tuesday, January 18, 2011

STUDY: Women need "existential support" in abortion care

Gee, ya think?

Swedish abortion care was described as rational and neutral, with physical issues dominating over existential ones. For some women, the medical procedures triggered existential experiences of life, meaning, and morality. While some women abstained from any form of existential support, others expressed a need to reflect upon the existential aspects and/or to reconcile their decision emotionally. Conclusion. As women's needs for existential support in relation to abortion vary, women can be disappointed with the personnel's ability to respond to their thoughts and feelings related to the abortion. To ensure abortion care personnel meet the physical, psychological and existential needs of each patient, better resources and new lines of education are needed to ensure abortion personnel are equipped to deal with the existential aspects of abortion care.

The author of this study works in a theology department of a Swedish university. You get the feeling that perhaps some religious poor-choicers are trying to co-opt religion for their purposes.

But what aspect of the procedure could possibly require "existential support"?

Could it be that maybe taking human life is just not as banal an act as some abortion supporters think it is?