Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Abortion “From the Victim’s Vantage Point”

Ex-abortionist and pro-life activist Bernard Nathanson recently died at the age of 84. National Right to Life News re-published an interview with him concerning his most famous movie, The Silent Scream, which depicts a fetus being aborted. The interview took place in 1984.

Many pro-aborts have attempted to debunk the movie as some kind of fake creation.

All they'd have to do to show this is all fake is show an abortion on ultrasound.

In the age of 4-D ultrasound, the image quality would be better than ever.

They'll never do it.

Here is an excerpt of the interview with National Right to Life:

News: What was your personal reaction to this ghastly scene?

BN: I suppose I knew what to expect, after all I’ve done thousands of these. In my thinking about abortion when I changed my point of view I was doing a great deal of ultra-sound, but not of abortions. So I was prepared, but it still stunned me and nauseated me. But I was prepared to do what I had to do [film the abortion]. The abortionist was not. When he was actually doing the abortion and watching the screen, he said he felt nauseated. He turned away. He didn’t want to see the film again. He did at my urging when we edited the film to tell me exactly what was happening. The ultra-sound technician needed a tremendous amount of persuasion to come back and see the film to do the editing. I had to pay her the moon. But she was essential; she had to show me the subtleties on the ultra-sound.