Thursday, February 03, 2011

Abortion Gang Member Asks: What to do about sex traffic victims?

Speaking of lying, KushieIsMoon writes:

If you were an employee at a reproductive health care clinic and someone came in and asked you about obtaining abortions for women being sex trafficked, what would you do?

Here’s what I would do: Lie. Lie, lie, and then lie some more.

Well nobody would be shocked about that answer.

But I have another question:

Was NO ONE as PP suspicious when this oh-so-thoughtful pimp appeared so concerned about his sex trafficking victims?

Don't you think this kind of scumbag would enlist the services of someone he knew was already in the pocket of organized crime? (Then again, maybe PP is in the pocket, who knows with these folks.)

The PP employee in the LiveAction video volunteered all kinds of ways to get around the legal barriers. All she had to do was keep quiet, agree to treat them, and then call the cops.

Or otherwise play dumb and just give evasive answers. The guy in the video did not appear very bright (and I don't mean this as a personal comment on the man-- he was playing a role after all.) But if I met someone that dumb, who went into a PP clinic to ask for advice, I wouldn't show my hand. I'd simply tell him and his girlfriends where to show up and make sure the authorities were on hand when the ladies made their visit.