Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Can You Lie for a Good Cause?

Mark Shea says:

I hate to say it, because my loathing for Murder Inc. is so deep, but I basically tend to agree that it is wrong to take even a butcher down with lies.


If you think you’ve got an argument for deceiving PP managers that is not, in the end, an argument that would not also authorize lying for any other good end, gimme your best shot. But I’m not inclined to believe you. After all, you are setting yourself the task of trying to get me to trust that somebody who approves of lying is not lying to me.

Like I said: given that people are skeptical of us to begin with, is it a good idea to give them a reason to be even more skeptical of pro-lifers?

Every single word that comes out of our mouths must be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

People must know us to be so honest that we wouldn't lie even to help our own cause, so that when we speak, people know that we're not making stuff up.

Otherwise we lose our moral credibility and we lose the battle.