Monday, February 07, 2011

Canadian bishops’ organization opposes ‘transgender’ bill

My pet peeve is that it seems that the bishops only wake up and preach against a certain issue once the legislation on the table (and a final vote is imminent).

By then it's too late.

Way too late.

The time to preach against this ideology is about twenty years ago.

But very few people did anything. Because it's not politically correct.

I don't wish to denegrate the COLF itself-- it's often a beacon of hope in institutional Catholicism.

The point being is that if we don't get the fundamental beliefs right-- and teach them, then when the legislation comes up for a vote, it's too late.

If the bill made it this far, I won't even bother putting in the effort to lobby my MP when I know it would take a divine miracle to change his mind.