Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Characteristics of Latino MSM who have sex in public settings.


Many men who have sex with men (MSM) have sexual encounters in public places

No! Can't be! That's-- That's-- That's a negative stereotype! How dare you write that!!! :)

But seriously folks, when gay men walk in the gay pride parade, a certain category of them celebrates this. Not mere tolerance or acceptance of gay people and their partners-- they celebrate these very seedy aspects of gay culture.

Don't believe me? Look at the images from the gay pride parade. I'm not linking to them. Just Google it.

some data suggest that this behavior is more common among Latino than non-Hispanic white MSM in the USA.

*Gasp* Racist, too! OMG, file a human rights complaint!

The findings:

Results indicated that those individuals with unknown serostatus were more likely than those with HIV-negative serostatus to have had sex in a public setting, as were men with lower self-efficacy for safer sex. These findings suggest that the partner pool may pose some risk to men who have sex in public sex venues, and therefore, low-risk sexual practices and condom use should be promoted in such settings.

I notice two things.

One is that once again, politically correct researchers want to throw condoms at the problem.

It will only lull these men into a false sense of security and probably encourage risk-compensating behaviour.

And come to think of it, the whole point of having sex in the public settings is the thrill of the risk. Do you think these men are really putting a whole lot of thought into safe sex? While having sex with a stranger in a bathroom or park? I don't think so.

But here's what I notice they don't suggest as a solution:

Greater surveillance of public areas and greater police presence.

Public sex is a crime, remember?

Does anybody treat it as a crime?

Of course not!

Never mind that people have to fear for their safety and for their sense of decency to be offended in these areas.

If you happen to catch two men humping, tough luck, homophobic prudes!

No. Nobody thinks that stopping these men from having sex in public (and forcing them to get a room!) is a good idea.

Nobody treats them like criminals, but just guys out for a good time.

There used to be a name for people like this: perverts.

And this is the kicker:

Contrary to expectations, higher education was related to sex in public settings, but neither depression nor more recent immigration was. Greater involvement in the gay community was also associated with having sex in public places, which may reflect the larger social function served by gay venues such as bathhouses and bars.

I don't know what "higher education" means this context, but it's just kind amusing that men whom you would think would know better just don't give a crap.

And yes, there are perverts among straights. Straights don't celebrate their perverts with pride parades.