Friday, February 11, 2011

Conservatives discriminated against in academia

But we knew that, right?

I also think that conservatives self-select out of academia.

There are many reasons why I quit my Master's Program in English.

I felt as I were expected to take post-modernism seriously, and treat relativistic opinions as facts and actual depictions of reality.

My sense is, you could get actualy historical facts wrong (and having a history background, this grated on my nerves) so long as it was done from a post-modern perspective.

If you wanted to undermine basic tenets of post-modern LitCrit-- be subversive as it were-- then your work would not be considered up to snuff no matter how well-researched it was.

So if you wanted to say that Shakespeare promoted cross-dressing or that Thomas More favoured the ordination of women, that was A-OK. Try to root your criticism in some kind of objective philosophy, and that was a fail.

I know that the purpose of a Master's Degree in English is to show that you are conversant in all that LitCrit gobbledygook. I don't care. It's still crap. All I wanted to do was pursue my interest in literature, and to do it, I had to slog my way through LitCrit, treat their garbage opinions as realistic framework, all the while suppressing my own critical thinking. No thanks! Besides, the works I had to read were, at times, pornographic. I'm not going to read a passage involving homosexual pedophilia. Modern English writers have perverted minds as far I'm concerned.

H/T: The Politics of the Cross Resurrected,