Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Ex-pro-lifer tries to justify herself

From RHReality Check:

I don't know how this is supposed to be convincing. She all of a sudden forgot that a fetus is a human being and that killing a human being is wrong because she wanted to have sex?

Oh I love this:

Today, I see that nothing about my religious anti-choice views did anything to prevent abortion. They did a lot to shame myself and my friends, but nothing to prevent abortion.

Because ultimately it is up to the individual woman to prevent abortion by not having sex. Remember?

Oh wait,she's trying to blame the pro-life cause for her own inability to remain chaste. Nice deflection of personal responsibility.

Don't want to get pregnant? Don't have sex. Seems she didn't follow pro-life advice.

Today, I hear anti-choicers talk about the babies and the unborn and the American genocide, but what I really hear beneath all that is slut-shaming and fear of female sexuality. I hear that language clearly because I spoke it once, myself. It is a familiar language to me.

So instead of examining the claims about babies, the unborn and the American Genocide, you frame it as something else.

That's the left-- nothing is ever what it actually is. It's always about what they want to make it about.

I don't hear slut-shaming and I don't see slut-shaming. Maybe she was a slut-shamer and now she's feeling guilty for her own past and projecting her views unto others. Pretty convenient to deflect the claims about the unborn and make it about female sexuality (which is pretty ludicrous given that so many pro-life women are actually sexually active.)

And I even have a little bemused sympathy for old men who try to pass anti-choice legislation. Because they really will not ever have to worry about abortion. And once, I thought I wouldn’t, either. So I see where they’re coming from. I see how blind to the experiences of others they are. Privilege does that to people. If they weren’t so damned full of themselves, and so damned politically powerful, I might even find them funny

Some people have had the privilege of having done the reverse: of having been pro-choice, having slept around, having been involved with abortion and coming to the conclusion that abortion is wrong and kills.

Maybe they're not blind to the experiences of others because they've had them.

But interesting how she's so blind to the experiences or pro-lifers and to those of the unborn.

And note that many of the people passing the legislation are women who've been around the block a few times themselves.

What saddens me more than anything else are women who want to make abortion either so inaccessible as to render it impracticable, or who want to outlaw it altogether. Because I truly believe that most women, anti-choice or otherwise, who’ve experienced even a flicker of uncertainty about a pregnancy in this country since 1973 have been glad, in their hearts, to have a choice.

I can say this unequivocally as the mother three children I never, ever, ever wanted an abortion. Never. And I know there are millions of women in the same boat.

I believe wanting to take that choice away from others is deeply about shame and punishment and judgment,

Naw, it couldn't be about a sincere belief in the unborn. Perhaps that would hit too close to home for her?

I believe that because I rarely see those who want to outlaw abortion doing anything to combat its cause: unintended pregnancy, and I see them doing a lot to punish and shame women.

Unintended pregnancy is not the problem. The problem is a world that sees the unborn as less than human and refuses to make the connection between sex and procreation and act accordingly. The problem is also a world where people do not accept the humanity of the unborn child.

This is not "shaming". This is reality, whether you put a moral idea on it or not.

I was a girl growing up in Texas who was failed by abstinence-only education and soured by extreme religious dogma.

Or maybe she just failed herself. Again: deflecting personal responsibility.