Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feticide in the UK

While I was surfing the internet, I came upon The Handbook of Fetal Medicine, published by Cambridge University Press. It posted some interesting information regarding feticide in the UK (click on the image to make it bigger):

How awful is that? So at 22 weeks, the baby has a needle jabbed into his heart, then the abortionist sucks out a little bit of the blood (that's gotta hurt!) then he injects potassium chloride, which kills the baby through cardiac arrest, i.e. a heart attack.

This is humane?

And consider the maternal indications. Aneuploidy is a fancy word having an extra chromosome or missing one-- such as the case with Down Syndrome.

Kids are killed for that? When you consider how far we've come in treating DS and helping people with DS have full lives, it's ridiculous.

And the maternal indications are also interesting. Heart disease is one of the permissible reasons for late-term abortion. If they're going to risk an abortion in any case, why not deliver the baby live? That would be much more humane than jabbing a needle in his heart.

It's funny because I was having this argument with a poor choicer who insisted that healthy third trimester babies are not killed in Canada.

But it's clear that if such babies are killed in the UK, they're probably killed in Canada.

And feminists are fine with those babies suffering and dying. Women are the victims after all, not the defenseless babies.