Friday, February 25, 2011

Study: Family planning in sub-Saharan Africa: progress or stagnation?

Just an interesting abstract:

FINDINGS: In western Africa, the subjective need for contraception remained unchanged; about 46% of married or cohabiting women reported a desire to stop and/or postpone childbearing for at least two years. The percentage of women who approved of contraception rose from 32 to 39 and the percentage with access to contraceptive methods rose from 8 to 29. The proportion of women who were using a modern method when interviewed increased from 7 to 15% (equivalent to an average annual increase of 0.6 percentage points). In eastern African countries, trends were much more favourable, with contraceptive use showing an average annual increase of 1.4 percentage points (from 16% in 1986 to 33% in 2007).

Question: does no one see an imperialist agenda here?

The majority of these women DO NOT WANT contraception. (Just because they want to postpone doesn't mean they want condoms!)

The majority of these women do not approve of contraception.

Why are we trying to push contraception on a population that, as a whole does not want it?

Aren't we supposed to trust women?

Oh right, we can't if they don't support the pro-choice ideology.