Sunday, February 06, 2011

Wales: Number of ‘at risk’ unborn children hits six-year high

In the UK, it appears that "at-risk" fetuses are placed on a "child-protection" registry and their case is monitored.

Swansea Council, which accounted for four of the unborn children regarded as at risk in 2010, said such children make up a tiny proportion, around 1.6%, of social services’ workload.

A spokesman said: “The process to place unborn children on the child protection register is not a matter for social services alone and follows national guidance on safeguarding children. It requires a pre-birth meeting where there are concerns the unborn child may be at risk of significant harm. Examples of this might include parental substance misuse, previous child protection concerns about the family or if other children in the family are already on the child protection register.

If this were done in Canada, the feminists would be blue with rage.

Concern for a fetus? Trust women. Women know best. Except when they don't.