Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why reports of "ethicial concerns" about pregnancy issues bug me

Because in Canada, nobody really gives a damn about them.

Nobody gives a damn about eugenics or sexism or any other conern when it comes to abortion in this country.

If you want a certain kind of abortion, you can get it. Oh, there might be guidelines to prevent sex-selection abortion.

They're not worth the pixels they're printed with.

This is how it works in our society. Scientists develop the means without really caring about the ethical issues. We're so big on autonomy, we just treat like what every couple wants is correct.

Now if these debates actually produced regulations that stopped eugenics, then there might be something to them.

But nobody really cares. Couples will continue to abort Down babies rationalizing "it's best for him" and other BS. Nobody will object because "it's their choice".

If nobody is willing to object, ethical debates are of no avail or importance.