Monday, February 14, 2011

Will Tim Hudak set Linda Gibbons Free? Is he a real conservative or not?

Gotta love it.

Linda Gibbons' crime is to try to communicate with women who are on their way to have abortions.

That's it.

Feminists call that "harassment". As if offering a pamphlet was akin to stalking.

And so Linda Gibbons is put in jail longer than some violent thieves.

Watch the femininsts defend their lobbying for bubble zones. They will use hysterial and inflated language to make saying a rosary the equivalent of assault.

It's outrageous.

I wonder: if a PC government is elected, will Tim Hudak remove the injunction that prevent Linda Gibbons from counselling women outside of clinics. Someone should put the question to him.

Let's see if he's for real or if he's just another PC Red Tory who calls himself pro-life.