Saturday, March 05, 2011

Fr. Rosica's comments represent what's wrong with the institutional Church

Today's National Post features an article concering Fr. Raymond Gravel's lawsuit against LifeSiteNews.

Fr. Rosica's comments just summarize what the heck is wrong with the institutional Church today:

"At best, the activity of LifeSite is a form of unthinking activism akin to a shooting gallery. Now and then they hit a target," he said. "More often, however, they leave a vast trail of collateral damage, character assassination and destruction of reputations of good people, including Cardinals, Bishops, priests, religious and community leaders."

Fr. Rosica said he is no fan of Fr. Gravel and disagrees strongly with his political activism and activity. But he still seriously questions LifeSite's treatment of the priest. "No matter how ambiguous, deplorable, scandalous and improper Fr. Raymond Gravel's behavior is purported to have been in Quebec and in Canada, he remains a human being, and a Roman Catholic priest who has helped many people with their personal difficulties and crises. He has brought people to Christ," he said, noting that he knows Fr. Gravel has counseled young women against having abortions.

No matter how dissenting, heretical, scandalous Fr. Raymond Gravel has been, Fr. Rosica will dump on LifeSiteNews for saying mean things about priests.

Again: heresy, dissent and scandal get a pass.

Saying mean things about priests? You piss them off!

Hey Fr. Rosica and the professional priestly class:

If you, and your fellow priests and bishops actually said something when priests like him got out of line LifeSiteNews would not be in this business.

Again, and again and again and again, priests and bishops have made dissenting statements or performed unacceptable actions.

And does anyone in the Church say anything?


Nobody cuts the bull**** in this Church.

Nobody corrects anyone else. Nobody gets disciplined. In spite of explicit Church teachings and Canons to the contrary. It's all just paper for these folks.

Everything's hunky-dory in the Church. Or it's not, but nobody does anything.

Who the hell do you think you're fooling?

A hundred thousand babies die every year in Canada. And the reaction of the Church to this holocaust is extremely limp and it's treated like some minor annoying issue. Bottled water and liturgical translations are treated with greater urgency than babies being killed.

And that's besides the issue of all the souls going to hell because the Church, as a whole, refuses to preach the Gospel in a distinctly Catholic manner. And you wonder why Evangelicals are so successful in reining in ex-Catholics? It might have to do with the unwillingness of professional Catholics to spread the hard sayings of our faith, thinking that it might spook them. Oooh, wouldn't want to get Taliban Catholic cooties would we? That might ruin  your self-image as kind, non-harsh, non-intolerant people so in tune with the spirit of this world.

 We've been doing it the same way for 50 years now, and the only people who've been able to move anything in the Church are those who are faithful to Catholic teaching as it is stated in the Catechism. But don't question yourselves or anything. Keep congratulating yourselves as Church attendance dwindles and Catholics walk around with no catechesis. The faithful laypeople will pick up the pieces and do the job that you're supposed to be doing.