Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sexual Pleasure and Intimacy Among Men Who Engage in "Bareback Sex"

This abstract gave me a chuckle.

Qualitative analysis identified the pivotal role that sexual pleasure and intimacy have in this population and how drives for sexual satisfaction, adventure, intimacy, and love overpower health concerns and condom use recommendations. Men interested in bareback sex use a variety of defense mechanisms to account for, justify, and exonerate their behavior. HIV-prevention interventions have paid insufficient attention to libidinal drives, a crucial element of psychological functioning.

Isn't this the whole reason behind homosexual behaviour in itself?

Maybe if the people so concerned with HIV would just tell gay men to keep their pants zipped, it would really contribute to ending AIDS. But of course no one will do that. They'll just pick on gay men who like bareback sex.

Ah, the hits this post is going to get now that I've posted on this topic...