Wednesday, March 30, 2011

VIDEO: LiveAction Debunks Claim Planned Parenthood Provides Mammograms

A beautiful example of an undercover operation that is morally licit because it did not involve lying.

Way to go LiveAction!

The thing, they did not have to go through all that trouble, see.

All they had to do was go to Planned Parenthood's website. It's in black and white:

They do not claim to offer mammograms.

I got curious, so I decided to see what services they actually do claim to offer.

It varies clinic by clinic.

But in the clinics I sampled, none of them actually performed mammograms. Many plainly said they offered referrals for mammograms. Did they mean they got a doctor to sign off for insurance purposes?

Okay fine, but government funding of Planned Parenthood doesn't make those mammograms cheaper. Pap Smears, UTI tests, pelvic exams and STD testing are relatively low end, low cost health care.  It's not like they're providing open heart surgery on a sliding scale. 
The core business of Planned Parenthood revolves around pregnancy and, of course, abortion. Whatever other things they do, they do on the side as a marketing tool to make people familiar and comfortable with their operations. If you go in for a Pap Smear, you know the faces there, you might be more inclined to talk to them about your unintended pregnancy and your desire for abortion. In which case, they will happily oblige.

When Planned Parenthood gets the deposit from the government, that pays their rent. And as long as that pays their rent, that keeps them in the abortion business. If they really want that government money, they should stop doing abortion. But of course they won't because that's their raison d'ĂȘtre.